DMW finds sonic solutions which enhance brand experiences. Be it film, television, radio, game audio, commercials, in-store promotions, or new media avenues, we combine music and talent to create messages that truly resonate across all mediums.

Using music to establish an emotional connection increases brand recognition, creates excitement and buzz beyond a brand's core products or services, and can empower consumers, giving them valuable content to discover and share. Music creates the value that brands need to win the war for attention and develop a genuine connection with their consumers.


Music Production

We have worked with top industry professionals both big and small to produce cutting-edge content with a distinct sonic identity, on time and on budget. We can even produce your jingle for free with when you purchase airtime through partnerships with network affiliates.

Composition & Arragement

DMW has a diverse roster of award-winning composers, producers, and instrumentalists. With depth and breadth, DMW can form specialized teams dedicated to serving our client's specific needs. Whether it's creating the melody to the latest hit, adding some additional instruments into the mix, or composing an entirely original work, the sky is the limit — we can create and develop the music you need for your production.

Recording, Mixing, & Mastering

We offer a full range of recording, mixing and mastering services both in-house as well as with several partner studios in the Metro Detroit area. DMW can deliver its mobile, live recording capability to any venue, be it a cozy jazz club, amphitheater, church, stadium, or out in the backyard.


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